[asterisk-ss7] How many spans ??

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Mon Nov 6 15:23:54 MST 2006

Yeah, I can't see that being particularly difficult on a modern system. 
  Your estimation metrics should be similar to how you would estimate 
for any other T1/E1 signalling protocol.

Matthew Fredrickson

On Nov 6, 2006, at 2:39 PM, Robert Kenton wrote:

> Hi,
>    How many spans or how many TE410P can be used in one server with 
> Libss7 and or with chan_ss7 ?
> To be more specific, it is possible to handle 8 spans in one server 
> with chan_ss7 or libss7 just as a IVR server ?
> Robert.
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