[asterisk-ss7] chan_ss7.c:1889 ss7_write: Write buffer full on CIC=1 (wrote only 0 of 160), audio lost.

Anton anton.vazir at gmail.com
Wed May 10 00:25:56 MST 2006


In fact it does influence, as ticks in the sound. To get 
more of them - try calling some far-point, which is behind 
the satellite link. Me for example :), I can give you 
connect info if you interested to test.

On 10 May 2006 11:28, Kai Militzer wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Anton wrote:
> > The same with me. I did _particularry_ decreased that,
> > by interconnecting 2 asterisk boxes over IAX2 with
> > jitterbuffer enabled. Maybe implementing JB in chan_ss7
> > will help elliminating that.
> I do get that message too. The strange thing is, that I
> have two machines with a nearly same configuration (only
> the PCs differ) and one of these two (the newer with the
> faster CPU) gives me more of these errors. I haven't
> experienced any effects on the call quality anyhow.
> Regards
> Kai

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