[asterisk-ss7] My experiences with chan_ss7, some questions and a solution for the ringback tone

Kai Militzer km at westend.com
Thu Mar 16 07:13:42 MST 2006

Hi Are, hi list,

Are wrote:
> I fully support the Timeout parameter as this is a common practice in 
> SIP based communication.

Thanks a lot. ;) I guess sifira also finaly understood my problem after 
some private mails. ;)

> You are not fully aware of your call routes in many Real life SIP 
> applications. We all know that International numbering plans are no easy 
> beasts.

Here in Germany it really is a pain in the behind, as there is no fixed 
length. Only the max number length is somewhat defined by ITU standards 
but e.g. DTAG has no real limitation ...

Now something different that came to my mind right now. As I said in my 
first posting I have E1 in use right now. I only use one signaling link 
on the first E1 right now. Nevertheless I had to define a signaling link 
on the second E1 even if I don't use it. So I give away one channel I 
could use for voice. For four E1 it would be already three channels not 
usable. Is this really wanted that way, or did I do something wrong in 
the configuration? I mean I can live with it, but IMHO that's not the 
best solution ...

Best regards

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