[asterisk-ss7] MTP2 CRC errors resulting in flapping link

Christopher Bergström cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Thu Jul 6 08:02:38 MST 2006

Kai Militzer wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> Kai Militzer wrote:
>>> 2) replace entire server with something new that is known to work well,
>>> does not have shared interrupt issues like many Dells were reported to
>>> have and has PCI 2.2 slots
>> That would be an idea, but it involes a lot of work and downtime. 
>> This will only be my last resort.
> I replaced the Hardware. No help. That's what I asked on #asterisk in 
> IRC. maybe one of you can explain this:
> OK people, I need your thouhts. I have a TE205P card for use with 
> chan_ss7 in a Server with a P4 3GHz. Over the last few weeks the MTP2 
> CRC-Errors (MTP2 is one layer above the E1-Layer) with this increased 
> because the zaptel input and output buffers were full or empty or 
> both. This resulted in a complete disfunction of chan_ss7 (no ss7 
> links could be started). I then tested the card with a cross-cable and 
> zaptel -> No problem. Cross cable and chan_ss7 -> doesn't work. 
> Another server with a P4 1.8GHz-> same problem. And now the miracle. 
> Another server with a AMD XP 2000 -> it work's without errors with a 
> cross cable
> ... Any thoughts on that? The thing that bothers me is, that it worked 
> once and the CRC-errors increased over time. Otherwise I would have 
> blamed the P4
Not sure how much time I can spend on this away from my current 
projects.. However.. I've been rewriting larger sections of chan_ss7 to 
get it working for another client.. You tried to help me on IRC the 
other day and if you like.. I'll return the favour..

on freenode I'm codestr0m



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