[asterisk-ss7] MTP2 CRC errors resulting in flapping link

Kai Militzer km at westend.com
Tue Jul 4 01:48:40 MST 2006

Hello Patrick,

thanks so far for your help, I really appreciate it. :)

Patrick wrote:
>>>Since I see ide0 in your output check if you have set the right hdparm
>>>settings for IDE. There are some tips on
>>I was not able to enable DMA for my harddisk, as hdparm says it is not 
>>able to set it. I suspect the problems may derive from a buggy 
> That's odd. I'm not a harddisk/DMA expert but I thought that enabling DMA is
> supported by most boards/disks these days. Is this perhaps a rather old PC you
> are using? In that case, also check that the PCI revision implemented on the
> board is really 2.2. I've read several times that anything lower will not
> properly work. Digium cards *require* PCI slots at revision 2.2. 

The problem seems to be, that the system is to *new*. There are a lot 
SATS ports, but there is only one IDE channel and not two, as one would 
expect. I guess this IDE port should only be used for CD-ROMs and so on 
and not for hard disks.

>>So far I have no more idead what I can do. If I don't get any other 
>>ideas to solve this from any of you, I will try to disable USB physicaly 
>>in the BIOS, but that will be my last resort.

> Maybe try to update the BIOS too. If that does not work either and
> unless someone comes up with a good idea, it seems it comes down to two

That worth a try. Nevertheless I sent a mail to digium, as it seems to 
be some kind of hardware problem, maybe they can help me solve this issue.

> options:
> 1) replace the Digium card with another E1 card

I have none in stock, I would have to order one.

> 2) replace entire server with something new that is known to work well,
> does not have shared interrupt issues like many Dells were reported to
> have and has PCI 2.2 slots

That would be an idea, but it involes a lot of work and downtime. This 
will only be my last resort.


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