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Another question is how many calls you have to set up simultaneously -
not how many calls you need to handle (have open) at the same time. I.e.
how many IAM messages have to be generated simultaneously per second:

Theoretical performance/limitations:

If you are sending IAM messages of let's say 34 bytes, then the max
performance will be 34 bytes + 2 bytes CRC + 2 bytes for flags = 38
bytes (you may use Shared Flags to reduce the number of bytes).

Time per IAM: (38*8 bits/sec)/(64.000 bits/sec) = 4.75 ms
Calls/sec: 1 call/4.75ms = 210 calls/sec (given 34 bytes per IAM).

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Abdul Lateef Khan wrote:

> Hi all,
> I wanted to use SS7 connection to my termination gateways, I would 
> like to know Which E1 Card will be sufficieant to handel more than 200

> simultaneous calls.

Depends on what you want to do. SS7 covers a large area, but assuming
that you also want voice calls, not only signalling, you basically need
7 E1 lines (2 4x cards etc) or 9 T1's.

> How we can make the connection from different countries i.e. my 
> Asterisk is in UK and the Carriers are in USA how i can do the SS7 
> even SS7 is phisical connection?

You need a stack that will handle ANSI and ETSI. They are quite 
different on both mtp and isup levels.

But, where are you and how will you connect to the network?

If you are in the US and connect to a local vendor that one will give 
you T1's only and you don't need to think about the connection in other 
countries. The same if you are in Uk. It is only if you are both in UK 
and US and want to bridge yourself you need to worry about this.


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