[asterisk-ss7] has anyone connected chan_ss7 with Siemens V16?

umar tarar umar.tarar at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 23:50:13 MST 2006

yeah, 100% sure abt opc/dpc, actually i(+ server) was sitting just beside
the Siemens EWSD & their tech ppl, so setting up opc/dpc was no issue.
Moreover, their side shows the link as active & aligned too, by accepting
its dpc(i.e. our opc). and when initially the opc/dpc were incorrect then
the following message occured on CLI:

Nov 25 05:56:17 WARNING[18286]: mtp.c:393 t2_timeout: MTP2 timer T2 timeout
(failed to receive 'O', 'N', or 'E' after sending 'O'), initial alignment
failed on link 'l1'.

On 12/19/06, Tomasz Paszkowski <tomasz.paszkowski at dcg.pl> wrote:
> Are you sure you have set valid point codes ? You can check this using
> ss7 dump command.
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