[asterisk-ss7] Chan_ss7.so US / ANSI version bounty

Michael Blood Michael at Matraex.com
Mon Apr 10 14:54:06 MST 2006

Tim, Tom and anyone else interested in  extending the chan_ss7 driver to
work using the US ANSI standard.
Would anyone be willing to put forward some money to get this working using
ANSI standards,  We have heard from those saying it would be big undertaking
but HOW big.
Would any of the current chan_ss7 developers be willing to do this?  I would
be willing to put up a $1000 bounty for someone to do this.  Hopefully we
can get a couple more people to put up some money.
If someone is willing to do this work for a bounty when it reaches the
correct point please let me know soon.  I might be able to get more money
for it as well.
Michael Blood


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I would like to use this in the US, my problem is that I don't have much
time to work independantly currently.  My issue really is that I need to see
the different levels of SS7 be laid out like:
TCAP: local databse
SCCP: remote SS7 database
ISUP: Circuit info
MTP3: GateWay for services
In some Configuation file to interface with Asterisk.

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I have got chan_ss7.so (8.3) running on two Asterisk 1.2.4 servers back to
back with T1.5 connection between them.
I can complete calls in both directions between the two switches, so I
believe that SS7 is working.
I would like to extend the package,however before I work on it, questions:
1.  Is anyone using this package in the US, and if so, are the connections
to a STP or to other switch.
2.  First requirement is to expand the package to support two signaling
3.  Add trunk cic (pic code ie, 0288 = AT&T), so it can be included in the
4.  As anyone studied the dump file, when capturing MSU's.  I am having
trouble with the fields before the message type, and some other minor layout
If anyone has answers to the above, I would appreciate, and would welcome
anyone who wishes to work on these extensions to the package(Many more to
add, but start small).
Thank You
Tom Chandler

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