[Asterisk-ss7] Let us design an open source SS7 interfaceforAsterisk

CARDOSO Jorge Miguel jmc at ip.novis.pt
Mon May 16 07:42:54 CDT 2005

Some Cisco Gw's support a feature called "MGCP PRI BackHaul", this means 
the bearer channels can be controlled using MGCP and PSTN signalling 
(ss7) can be exchanged between Softswitch and PSTN using TCP.

Jorge Cardoso

Race Vanderdecken wrote:
> Okay, there seems to be agreement as to how to do this. Doing ISUP and
> TCAP is what I have heard from others I have proposed the same questions
> to in the past.
> Running the SS7 to PSTN interface on a "cisco" type box also has been
> recommended by others. By "cisco" I mean any certified box that is
> available to most of the VoIP guys. Having to purchase an X thousand
> dollar box is not going to work. Have any of you looked at ss7box.com?
> So, we need to create a SS7 socket interface to asterisk.
> I have built several socket interfaces in the past that have worked in
> commercial products. All were based on Stevens' Unix Programming and
> Networking books.
> Where do I find the socket interface on our "cisco" ss7 box?

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