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Fri Aug 26 04:37:01 CDT 2005


Perhaps it is of interest to the list to know that Aculab now supports a 
channel driver for its Prosody line of cards. Prosody cards among 
others, support many SS7 variants.

The channel driver and accompanying software for the cards are given for 
free when you buy the card.

Information can be found here:


I asked at Aculab for pricing and it turns out that for 2 E1s per card 
the pricing is a bit better than the currently available driver from 
Markku Korpi. For 4 E1s the pricing from Aculab clearly becomes better. 
Plus, the Prosody cards come with DSP resources for fax, DTMF detection, 
recording, playback etc, in case someone does not want to put the burden 
of these tasks on the CPU.

For 1 E1 only, even when you add the cost of acquiring the Digium card, 
the cost of Markku Korpi's driver is lower.

Of course this information concerns only the list prices, without any 
volume discounts, etc, also without taking into account the 
maintenance/support fees, etc

As we know, there are no plans (yet) to provide channel drivers for 
other Aculab cards which have only telephony interfaces and no DSP's, 
which would lower the buying cost of the cards significantly.

Best regards,
Vlasis Hatzistavrou.

Derek Conniffe wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> To me the reason I'd really like SS7 over PRI ISDN is that I would 
> really like to get the CPC data on incoming calls which PRI ISDN 
> cannot do and thats it in total.  Currently the only choice is Markku 
> Korpi's commercial SS7 driver.
>>  So my question to the list.
>>    If there is such a huge need for this product why has the code not 
> been developed?
> I think not many people need SS7 - maybe its not big/available in the 
> US?  Also normal businesses will get by fine with PRI ISDN (they don't 
> want/need the CPC switch data).
>>        Is it that the developer realizeed that they can sell it for 
> lots o money
> Markku Korpi's driver is not cheap for sure
> Best of luck!  When you are finished I you might want lots of money 
> for your non-opensource SS7 software too! :)
> Derek
> Michael Blood wrote:
>> We are interested in starting an in house development of an SS7 
>> Interface for our asterisk switches.
>> We only really have to setup a few basic messaging sets in order to 
>> make Asterisk operate as a SSP (I think).
>> It seems that FootNote SS7 development is stalled (at least I have 
>> never seen any code come from Race)  also openSS7 doesn't really have 
>> anything compatible with asterisk.
>> We plan to start the planning portion in the next few days.  We will 
>> only support a minimal messaging set that is specific to our needs 
>> for SSPs.
>> Is there any technical advice for direction to go or issues to work out?
>> I wanted to mention that we have decided to do this in house because 
>> the open source solutions are not there yet and they seem to want to 
>> be everything to everyone.  We don't need that.  The openss7 product 
>> seems to address TOO many features.  We dont plan to connect to an 
>> SCP node, we can  survive without LNP and  Database Lookups.
>> So my question to the list.
>>     If there is such a huge need for this product why has the code 
>> not been developed?
>>         Is it that the developer realizeed that they can sell it for 
>> lots o money
>>         Is it that the message sets are two big and complex?  Maybe 
>> the developer wants to be able to support way more messages than we 
>> need.
>>                I have not yet decided what we will be doing with the 
>> once we have completed things but if we should decided to open source 
>> it we will want to make sure that the code is written the best way 
>> possible for asterisk.
>> Would Asterisk-Dev be an appropriate place to post questions about 
>> the best practice ways to develop the application.
>> Are there any caveats or gotchas that you may have experienced or 
>> heard of to the development of this subset of SS7 functionality?
>> Thanks
>> Michael Blood
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