[Asterisk-ss7] open ss7 stack? any progress?

Race Vanderdecken ss7 at codetyrant.com
Fri Aug 5 18:01:43 CDT 2005

As a matter of fact, yes. www.FootNoteSS7.com

I have started FootNote* SS7 as an open source SS7 to interact with

Currently the thought is to have it as a standalone server the talks to
asterisk via a module, like the sip does.

The ball is rolling gentlemen.

If anyone would like to help out with any part now is the time to get
involved. As always this open source project needs all the usual
suspects, coders, writers, web guys, SS7 guys, asterisk guy and gals.

The current point is deciding where to do E1/C7 or T1/SS7 version first.
I need to know the demand so I can set the direction.

There are SS7 guys with long history who want to remain in the
background but things are off t to start.

Race at footnoteSS7.com

Race "the tyrant" Vanderdecken

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have anyone started writing, or thing about writing, or considering  
thinking a bout to one day get time for planning writing an open ss7  
stack for asterisk?

roy :)

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