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Darryl Ross darryl at oeg.com.au
Thu Oct 7 21:05:49 CDT 2004

Leif Madsen wrote:
>>>I'm running under WinXP at the moment ...
>>I have no idea about WinXP XML editors... anyone else out there know of
>>any?  My first suggestion would be gvim for windows, but I realize
>>that's a bit of a stretch.
> I've always really liked EditPlus 2 and I've heard good things about UltraEdit.

I do currently use UltraEdit, and I have no qualms about vim/gvim either. I asked the question 
as I'm not familiar with the DocBook format (tags,etc), so am after something that will let me 
help out with the documentation wihtout having to worry about the actual XML structure.

> Jim VanM. uses this one: http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/
> ...however, this program doesn't seem to support using tabs instead of
> spaces at the beginning of new lines... which makes it a bit difficult
> for me to edit in vim.

Thanks, I'll have a look into it.



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