[asterisk-dev] Final Preview: docs.asterisk.org

asterisk at phreaknet.org asterisk at phreaknet.org
Mon Jul 10 14:06:21 CDT 2023

On 7/10/2023 10:09 AM, George Joseph wrote:
> I'm digesting this.  It may be a while. :)

Sorry, didn't mean to dump a novel on you there. Let me know if there's 
anything I should clarify.

On another note, after a couple months of being in the GitHub workflow, 
here's another suggestion for improvement, if it's an easy change to make:

The workflow that reminds people to post a cherry pick comment is 
obviously helpful. However, I've noticed that this runs on issues, 
regardless of whether or not a comment already exists on the issue for 
cherry picks. I usually post that comment before the bot kicks in, but 
it comments nonetheless. GitHub sends a voluminous amount of email, 
which isn't necessarily bad per se, but at this point, I find I've been 
conditioned to ignore these emails and notices, though every now and 
then I will forget and then it ends up being harder to keep track of due 
to all the "noise" mixed in.

Instead of "crying wolf" all the time, would it be possible to have 
these comment on issues only if there isn't already an existing comment? 
If that wouldn't be trivial to do, no biggie, just one (minor) painpoint 
I've noticed.

Other than the well known problem of the tests constantly failing to the 
point where I'm just ignoring test failures as well, no other issues 
I've noticed; everything has been pretty smooth. Kudos to George and 
everyone else for making this a really smooth transition.


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