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Kevin Harwell kharwell at sangoma.com
Thu Jan 13 12:12:30 CST 2022


Looking for opinions.

When documenting API calls in Asterisk one can use the Doxygen \since
command [1] to specify which version of Asterisk the function was added in.
For example: \since 13.25.0 [2]

Do folks find this helpful, and worth having? As a developer, when adding a
new API does trying to figure out what version of Asterisk things will go
in become too cumbersome?

Personally, I've found having the version number on a function only
slightly helpful. I've used that info once, maybe twice, but feel it's not
worth the upfront cost (figuring out version info at patch time for each
branch, having to update a review if it doesn't make it in before the
expected release, etc...)

So my vote is to drop its usage. Certainly though if many others find it
useful, or have a good reason to continue using the command we can.


[1] https://www.doxygen.nl/manual/commands.html#cmdsince
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