[asterisk-dev] Manually registering a device within Asterisk

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) manwe at aholab.ehu.es
Mon Oct 25 13:42:53 CDT 2021

El Mon, 25 Oct 2021 14:50:00 +0000
Luke Escudé <luke at primevox.net> escribió:

> Strange question, but we have a pretty valid use case:
> Is there a way to "tell" asterisk where a registered device is located?
> Basically force-register the device, so that Asterisk thinks the device has
> registered the "normal" way?
> Use case: Our cluster of Asterisks will move Asterisk instances around
> various datacenters to maximize uptime, quality, etc. Whenever Asterisk
> starts back up, it has no knowledge of devices registered during its previous
> existence. So, our SIP Proxy will iterate through all registrations and proxy
> the REGISTER packets to Asterisk. However I am looking for a better way to do
> this, like reaching directly into the AstDB or something to "put" the devices
> in memory.

If your proxy is kamailio you can use the UAC module to send registers (db +
jsonrpc works great in this scenario). Similar with opensips

If you're using other proxies... I don't know :)

> Luke Escudé

PekePBX, the multitenant PBX solution

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