[asterisk-dev] Asterisk 16 deadlock (maybe in AMI) stops responding to SIP

Steve Sether ssether at usinternet.com
Tue Oct 5 14:11:14 CDT 2021


I think we assumed the CERT branch was more in line with how the RHEL 
Kernel was maintained, where any major bugs were backported, but new 
features weren't added.  Thanks for your clarification that this branch 
is really just maintained "as requested by commercial customers".

We'll be switching back to the mainline Asterisk 16 branch.

On Mon, Oct 4, 2021 at 8:02 PM Kevin Harwell <kharwell at sangoma.com> 

 > On Mon, Oct 4, 2021 at 4:36 PM Steve Sether <ssether at usinternet.com>
 > wrote:
 >> We're running  Asterisk certified/16.8-cert5
 >> I looked through the changelog for the cert versions 6 - 11, but didn't
 >> see this fix ported to this branch.  Did I miss something, or has 
this fix
 >> just not been back-ported yet?
 > You did not miss anything. The patch for that issue is not in Certified
 > Asterisk 16.8, cert5 or even cert11 (currently released version).

And to provide clarification, it won't be backported unless a commercial
customer requests it or encounters the specific issue. If you are a
commercial customer you would need to contact Sangoma support and go
through the normal process to have it done. If you are not then you would
need to either switch away from certified, or backport the change yourself.


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