[asterisk-dev] $2000 USD BOUNTY ASTERISK-29774

Steve Sether ssether at usinternet.com
Mon Dec 6 15:44:37 CST 2021

My company is offering a $2000 bounty to fix 

This is a deadlock bug, and Kevin Harwell of Digium has been so kind as 
to analyze the generated thread stack trace for us, and identify the 
relevant threads and locks involved.  So some of the leg work has 
already been done (Thanks Kevin!).  More information is posted in Jira.

We have two different thread stack traces now, both posted in Jira.  As 
I've mentioned, we're software developers here, but we're not C 
programmers, and have little experience with Asterisk locking.  
Subsequently, we can't fix this ourselves, but I can provide assistance 
in verification of the bug being fixed, more information, etc if anyone 
is willing to take this on.

The $2000 offer largely reflects our need, and my estimation of the 
rarity of the skills needed to address this rather than an estimation of 
difficulty/time.  I don't have much idea of the difficulty of fixing 
this, but it does prevent us from moving forward with Asterisk 16 and 
above, so fixing this is of high value for us.

We're able to reproduce this in our production environment fairly 
readily. For what we're doing, this isn't a one in a million chance like 
you sometimes see with deadlock/timing issues.

Please contact me, Steve Sether, ssether at usinternet.com for more 

Thank you.


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