[asterisk-dev] Codec order changing after hold and unhold

Floimair Florian f.floimair at commend.com
Tue Aug 3 09:50:38 CDT 2021

Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the cause of the following behavior could be:

  1.  We place a call from A to B with codecs (in this order on both sides) opus,g722,g711a,g711u
  2.  B accepts the call
  3.  B puts A on hold
  4.  B puts A off hold
  5.  Asterisk now suddenly renegotiates B via SIP re-INVITE to the same codecs but in this order: g711u,g711a,g722,opus (which is exactly in reverse order than previously)

We do see this only on some devices so it is not a general problem but I have no clue as to what triggers Asterisk to do so.

Any help/hint appreciated.


Best Regards
Florian Floimair
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