[asterisk-dev] Dialplan pre-bridge handlers

Nikša Baldun it at voxdiversa.hr
Fri Jul 17 07:17:16 CDT 2020

Hello Jim,

thanks for the reply. Consider the following scenario:

Joe calls Mary and asks to speak to Jill. Recording a call with Mary is 
allowed, so recording on Joe's channel is turned on. Mary makes an 
attended transfer to Jill. Both Mary's channels are hung up, and Joe's 
and Jill's channels are now bridged. Recording a call with Jill is not 
allowed, so StopMixMonitor should be executed on Joe's channel before 
bridging. How can Local channel help me do that?

> For the specific use case you've described, I should think a Local/ channel
> could be built to implement the necessary logic. In fact I'm pretty sure we
> do that in our Local/ channel handler for queue agents.
> On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 5:04 AM Nikša Baldun <it at voxdiversa.hr  <http://lists.digium.com/mailman/listinfo/asterisk-dev>> wrote:
> >/Hello, />//>/I have been using Asterisk for years, and the one thing that I believe />/is sorely missing, but I can't find any mention of it on the Internet, />/and that is pushable pre-bridge handlers. In current setup, there are />/following limitations: />//>/1. Pre-bridge handler can only be attached to the B-leg channel, not the />/A-leg channel. />//>/2. The handler will only be executed before a bridge resulting from Dial />/application, but a channel can be bridged multiple times during its />/lifetime (by SIP attended transfer, for example). />//>/So, for example, if I want to turn call recording on/off depending on />/who the channel is bridged to, there is no way to do that via dialplan />/(that I know of). />//>/There is a possibility to attach hangup handlers to any channel by using />/CHANNEL(hangup_handler_push), but no similar feature for pre-bridge />/handlers, which are much more important, IMO. So, has there been any />/discussion among developers about this topic? />//>/Best regards. />//>//>/-- />/_____________________________________________________________________ />/-- Bandwidth and Colocation Provided by http://www.api-digital.com 
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