[asterisk-dev] Proposal for New Major Version Process Change

Sylvain Boily sylvain at wazo.io
Wed Jul 8 12:41:26 CDT 2020


On 2020-07-08 8:20 a.m., Joshua C. Colp wrote:
> What do people think? Do we believe that a month out is ample enough? 
> The 18 branch itself will exist, so that can be used for early testing 
> (and likely will be). If a month isn't enough it could be moved out 
> further. Really I think thanks to the testing that happens and the 
> code review I don't think we need as long of a stabilization period as 
> has been needed in the past, so this helps shrink it.
Thank you for your proposal, looks like very cool, like the other 
probably 6 weeks will be better.


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