[asterisk-dev] Segfault because RTP frame datalen negative

Mohit Dhiman mohitdhiman736 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 01:03:29 CST 2020

I'm trying to debug a segfault in ast_frdup which happened because of the
negative datalen of the ast_frame for frame type AST_FRAME_TEXT.

My question is that how an RTP frame in categorized as of type TEXT because
I can only see two types of RTP payload in network capture (not of the time
of segfault)
one is G-711 ulaw and the other is Payload Type 106 (not defined in SDP).
This Payload 106 is received at the start of the RTP stream and is received
only once in an RTP stream.

My other question is how the datalen gets calculated for an RTP frame and
what could be the possible reason for this to come out negative for it
should never be negative as confirmed by Joshua on Asterisk Community Forum.

It would be a great help if anybody could help me figure this out.

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