[asterisk-dev] Questions on feature/patch process

Floimair Florian f.floimair at commend.com
Mon Apr 8 02:45:45 CDT 2019

Yes, you need to cherry-pick your patch to branch 16.
You can do this directly in gerrit though.
Be prepared however, that there might be modifications necessary.
I therefore personally prefer to do such things locally first in separate branches and then submit the changes on each branch individually for review.

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I submitted a patch to git review earlier this week.  I submitted it based on master branch for the issue I worked on.
If we would like this to be part of a future asterisk 16 version, do I need to do any additional work for this using asterisk 16 as the source branch?

Also, I have code to allow enabling/disabling the norefersub on PJSIP.  This is due to issues with Cisco not adhering to the standard.
From what we’ve been able to tell, PJPROJECT has a way to add the capability, but no way to remove it.  Based on this, we believe the setting would be a global PJSIP setting to enable the norefersub by default, but allow it not to be added as a capability for PJPROJECT if the setting is no (pjsip_refer load module).
Does this sound like the reasonable approach?  Ideally, the setting would be per endpoint, but that doesn’t seem possible with PJPROJECT.

Have a great day!

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