[asterisk-dev] Fwd: PJSIP and Preconditioning (UPDATE prior to 200 OK on INVITE)

Alexander Traud pabstraud at compuserve.com
Mon Jun 4 04:47:40 CDT 2018

> is there a proper way to report bugs in PJSIP?

You fix the bug and send the (unified) patch to their E-mail address.
Then, when accepted, you add that patch to Asterisk, for example:
<http://gerrit.asterisk.org/3659>. At least that is the only way I know
for external contributors (to Asterisk and PJProject) like us.

That works quite well because Teluu even accepts not-so-perfect patches.
They adopt it for you. Do not use the latest release version or their
GitHub mirror because those are outdated normally. Checkout their
subversion/trunk <http://trac.pjsip.org/repos/log/pjproject/trunk> and
use that of the downloaded/bundled PJProject instead (that is a bit of
work, I know).

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