[asterisk-dev] Asterisk pjsip support all media_encryption no/dtls/sdes for incoming request

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Mon Jan 18 05:46:21 CST 2016

Henry Lin wrote:
> Hi Joshua,
> Thanks for your tips.
> For the OUTGOING part, there is no problem. we already did as you said (
> use inherited endpoints).
> For INCOMING part, you said:
> 1.  media_encryption_optimistic is created for SDES, which can supports
> both sdes and no-encryption in the same config endpoints.
>      and our test for DTLS also works but is a side effect.
> 2. a new param of media_encryption = "optional" is possible to do in the
> code, which can supports SDES/DTLS/NO-ENCRYPTION at the same config
> endpoint for incoming ( ex: caller ).
> So in your opinion:
> would it be better to integrate media_encryption = "optional" with
> media_encryption_optimistic = true ? or just leave them separated?

I'd just leave them separated, I'm not a huge fan of repurposing 
optimistic away from its original purpose and changing the requirements 
of it.

> since they are trying to solve the same problem --- support webrtc
> clients but also have backward-compatibility to the huge amount of
> old-school devices
> media_encryption = "optional" implies media_encryption_optimistic = true.
> by the way,
> Is there anyone already implement this, or opened an issue tracker that
> can be patched ?

I know of noone who has done this or any patch.

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