[asterisk-dev] Asterisk Unregister/Register Causes Phone to become Unreachable

Ross Beer ross.beer at outlook.com
Fri Oct 2 07:42:23 CDT 2015

I am currently experiencing issues using Asterisk 13 and sorcery real-time, when using a shared database.
The first issue is that when restarting asterisk, each endpoint in the database is run though and the following output is shown on the CLI:
Endpoint XXXXXXXXXXX is now UnreachableEndpoint XXXXXXXXXXX is now UnreachableEndpoint XXXXXXXXXXX is now Unreachable
This causes any endpoints 'contacts' which are registered on an alternate instance to be removed from the database, causing them to become unreachable.
Asterisk also periodically expires contacts which are not registered to it's self, be this with or without the the new cache enabled.
Due to the above it is not possible to have a central real-time database. 
Is it possible to stop asterisk expiring contacts that it isn't tracking, i.e. devices that haven't registered?
Is it also possible to only cache devices that register to a server instead of accessing all endpoints on reload?
Ideally we would like to store a 'regserv' value, as with the previous chan_sip driver.
Any advice would be appreciated. 
Kind regards,

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