[asterisk-dev] Bug marshals back !

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at avoxi.com
Thu Nov 19 20:26:36 CST 2015

As far as I'm aware, bug marshals never went away. It's possible there has
been less involvement than previously, but I'm not sure anything has ever
happened to preclude a bug marshal from acting in the project.

I believe Rusty Newton is kind of the "de facto" bug marshal, as he's been
doing the job since I moved out of that role.


On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 7:58 AM, Olle E. Johansson <oej at edvina.net> wrote:

> Yay!
> I notice in a bug report that the response talks about  a Bug Marshal. I
> am very happy that we have bug marshals back in the process. Is there a
> document somewhere outlining the process of becoming one and what they do
> nowadays?
> Cheers,
> /O
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