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Matthew Jordan mjordan at digium.com
Thu Nov 19 09:19:13 CST 2015

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 6:58 AM, Olle E. Johansson <oej at edvina.net> wrote:

> Yay!
> I notice in a bug report that the response talks about  a Bug Marshal. I
> am very happy that we have bug marshals back in the process. Is there a
> document somewhere outlining the process of becoming one and what they do
> nowadays?
> Cheers,
> /O
Hey Olle!

I don't think the term bug marshal ever went away. If that was unclear,
then I'm sorry about that. As long as I've been around, there's always been
special settings set up for JIRA users who are in the "Asterisk Developers"
group (such as the ability to see reported security vulnerabilities, etc.).
People who generally help solve problems in JIRA are always put in that

The Asterisk wiki documents what a Bug Marshal does in the Issue Tracker
Workflow page:


Additional guidelines for what constitutes a "good" bug report can be found
on the Asterisk Issue Guidelines page (which is linked from the previously
mentioned page as well):


Let me know if there's anything you think might be missing on those wiki
pages - we're always trying to improve the documentation of the project!

Thanks -


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