[asterisk-dev] Fwd: Code Review request of func_redis module

GESTION DE TELEFONIA IP gestoip at ull.edu.es
Mon May 11 02:14:08 CDT 2015

Hi all, I have developed an asterisk module to interact with redis from the
dialplan, the project is motivated by the need to share information between
different asterisk in both active-active and active-passive scheme, in an
easy way like AstDB. You can use an agi script or a system call to a script
to use redis from the dialplan but the performance is low compared to a
asterisk module and the integration is worst. I think that maybe this
module can be interesting to the community,

It's the first time that I develop a asterisk module so If some one can
make a code review to the module to see if there are use of insecure
functions or something that can crash asterisk, I will be very grateful,
the module is under GPLv2 License in this repo
https://github.com/tic-ull/func_redis. At the moment the module is shipped
outside the asterisk project, as a Cmake project. You can see the
instructions to install and to use it in the README.md of the repo.

The english isn't my native language so sorry if there ara some writing
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