[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] 4419: SDES-SRTP: Handle SRTP keys negotiated with key lifetime/MKI (oej branch lingon-srtp-key-lifetime-1.8) - Asterisk 11

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Wed Feb 25 15:13:54 CST 2015

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This change has been marked as submitted.

Review request for Asterisk Developers and Olle E Johansson.


Committed in revision 432239

Bugs: ASTERISK-17721, ASTERISK-17899 and ASTERISK-22748

Repository: Asterisk


Note that this patch is a forward port of oej's lingon-srtp-key-lifetime-1.8 branch, with a few small modifications to reduce block indentation and a few improvements made to surrounding existing code.

To quote Olle from ASTERISK-17721:

The Lingon branch now handle lifetime and MKI parameters.

We only accept lifetimes up to max for the crypto and higher than 10 hours for packetization of 20 ms (50 pps).

We only handle MKI with index 1.

We do not really bother with counting packets and reinviting at end of lifetime, so the min of 10 hours kind of takes care of most calls. If there are longer ones, we rely on the other side for re-invites.

It's still not perfect, but I personally think this is an improvement. A configuration option for minimum lifetime accepted could be added.

I personally don't think the minimum lifetime option is needed, as in practice, every instance of an SDP offer for SDES-SRTP with lifetime I've seen offers a lifetime of 2^32 - but it could be added in the future if necessary.

Note that since the sdp_crypto code was moved to the core in 12+, a separate review (r4418) has been made for the Asterisk 13 variant. It is essentially identical to this review.


  /branches/11/channels/sip/sdp_crypto.c 432011 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/4419/diff/


Tests were added for chan_sip and updated for chan_pjsip - see https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/4420 . This includes both nominal and off-nominal offers negotiating SDES-SRTP.


Matt Jordan

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