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Tue Feb 24 12:23:16 CST 2015

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Committed in revision 432174

Bugs: ASTERISK-24797

Repository: Asterisk


When more than one call using the same codec type enters into a softmix bridge and no audio is present for a channel the bridge optimizes the out frame by using the same one for all channels with the same codec type. Unfortunately, when that number (channels with same codec type) dropped to <= 1 the codec was not dereferenced. At least not until all parties left the bridge. Thus in the case of G.729 the license was not released. This patch ensures that the codec is dereferenced immediately when the optimization no longer applies.


  branches/11/bridges/bridge_softmix.c 431876 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/4429/diff/


Created a 3 party confbridge. Two channels were using g.729 and the other using ulaw. Hung up both the channels using g.729 and noted that the confbridge was still holding a reference to a g.729 license. After applying the patch noted that it no longer held onto the license.


Kevin Harwell

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