[asterisk-dev] DNS Support in Asterisk

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Mon Feb 9 12:19:55 CST 2015

Mark Michelson wrote:
> Your opinions pretty much mimic mine.


> 1) Don't write a DNS library. It's been done many times before by
> others, so just use those.
> 2) Don't jostle things where it is unnecessary.
> As far as implementation details, it's far too early to be criticizing
> those, so I just barely skimmed to make sure they made some amount of
> sense. I imagine as things get more nitty-gritty, you'll come up with a
> more detailed plan with structures, API calls, etc.
> With regards to the two third-party libraries you presented, my initial
> impression is that I like c-ares better. Honestly, I find the on-site
> documentation for both libraries to be pretty bad, but c-ares is the
> better of the two. I also like that c-ares has functions for parsing
> different DNS record types. I also like that c-ares is hosted on github.
> Other things that would influence me on this decision:


Agreed. I'd also add Package Availability to your list.


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