[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] 4245: ARI/AMI: Include language in standard channel snapshot output

Kevin Harwell reviewboard at asterisk.org
Tue Dec 9 14:19:07 CST 2014

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Committed in revision 429204

Bugs: ASTERISK-24553

Repository: Asterisk


The channel "language" was already part of a channel snapshot, however is was not sent out over AMI or ARI. This patch makes it so the channel "language" is included in the appropriate AMI or ARI events.

Also updated the ARI user channel events testsuite test to check for the field (updated test to check both ARI and AMI). Since it was such a small change I've just added it as a file attachment to this review.


  branches/12/rest-api/api-docs/channels.json 428998 
  branches/12/res/ari/ari_model_validators.c 428998 
  branches/12/res/ari/ari_model_validators.h 428998 
  branches/12/main/stasis_channels.c 428998 
  branches/12/main/manager_channels.c 428998 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/4245/diff/


Manually tested both AMI and ARI to make sure the channel "language" was now being included in raised events. Also ran the updated testsuite test and made sure it passed.

File Attachments

Updated ARI/AMI event test changes.


Kevin Harwell

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