[asterisk-dev] A thread for format work

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Wed Apr 30 18:21:27 CDT 2014

For those following along at home,

I've put my last pending work up for review for media formats. You can 
find it on Reviewboard[1] by looking at the title. Anything prefixed 
with media_formats is it! (My kingdom for proper tags). Note that this 
doesn't complete things but is merely stuff I had in the pipeline so 
everyone didn't get overloaded with media formats reviews.

I've also moved the old media_formats branch away from group and put it 
in my own space for historical purposes. Any development currently 
occurs in branches off of the media_formats-reviewed branch. This is 
done because the reviewed branch contains only code that has been 
through code review. If you'd like to contribute feel free to create 
your own branch from that and start hacking away. So multiple people 
don't work on the same thing make sure you look at any current reviews up.

If you'd like to contribute but don't know where to start (I know that 
feeling, this project is indeed very far reaching) feel free to send an 
email to this list or reply to this email and we can work things out!


[1] https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/dashboard/

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