[asterisk-dev] A thread for format work

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Wed Apr 30 08:14:44 CDT 2014

Matthew Jordan wrote:


>         How so? The current design calls for a public function that
>         accepts a
>         const char *key and a const char *value. The key and value are
>         always
>         going to be presented to the core as text (inbound SDP), and
>         typically
>         will be generated as text (outgoing SDP). Yes, sometimes we may
>         need to
>         interpret the values as integers, or floats, or something - but that
>         will typically be the domain of the resource modules. I'm not sure
>         storing them as heterogeneous types is all that advantageous.
>     Two words: Format comparison. The more complex codecs aren't just a
>     string comparison to know if they are equal, they get turned into a
>     different type and then a comparison done on that. The amount of
>     times a format comparison is done throughout the lifetime will also
>     be greater than that of just interpreting/generating, I wager. The
>     question is... which one do we want to be fast?
> True. OTOH, there is at least one place in the code (and maybe it should
> go away? I don't know) outside of the format core that does check to see
> if an attribute is set. We will have to 'deal with that', in some form
> or fashion.

Yeah, a lot of stuff like that existed in the core because it had codec 
specific knowledge. All of that has been moved out so the areas where it 
occurs should be minimal. We should have as little codec knowledge in 
the core as possible.

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