[asterisk-dev] SaySentence/SoundPack Proposal

Steve Murphy murf at parsetree.com
Tue Nov 26 23:04:58 CST 2013


Boy, it's been a long time since I posted to the dev mailing list!

I'd like to announce a proposal to the Asterisk Community, that I
introduced at Astridevcon last month. It is a new API for playing sound
files (mainly speech). A pdf describing the Proposal in some detail is at:


The end goal is to reduce the cost of making sound sets
for new languages, IVR's, etc, and to extend the capabilities
of the SayXXXX mechanism to allow more natural sound sets for Asterisk.

It is a mix of GNU gettext features, a new way of thinking about, and how
to organize playing sound files in asterisk,
extends ideas introduced by Tilghman Lesher and Luigi Rizzo, and is meant
to replace the expansive code in say.c, app_voicemail.c and other places.
It is also meant to simplify, in many ways, how to play sound files in
general. It moves the
code in Asterisk, out into the soundpack. Now, the "soundpack" will contain
everything necessary to play sounds at a high level thru Asterisk.

It is hoped that "SoundPacks" can be standardized, so that they
 will not only work on Asterisk, but other phone systems as well.

As a first pass at implementing the SaySentence/SoundPack, I have produced
a SaySentence server in Java. I have diffs against asterisk-trunk that
converts a large chunk of usage into the new regime, and uses the server to
generate the file lists. I have begun a conversion to C, which will
ultimately replace the Java server with an embedded library to provide the
same functionality. I have tested the code in the dialplan and via
app_voicemail. All this code is provided, with build instructions, via my
project at github:


I am looking for help from developers and translators.

If you are interested in knowing more, have objections, ideas, etc, let me



Steve Murphy
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