[asterisk-dev] Make asterisk V10 require SIP authentication for unregistered Message / Invite (calls) ?

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Mon Nov 25 04:31:32 CST 2013

The development mailing list is not a good list for asking general questions - please use the user's mailing list for that. There's currently no way of authenticating devices that are not peers or users of asterisk. Registration is unrelated to other requests.

You could do this with Kamailio of course.


On 25 Nov 2013, at 11:17, Johan Sandgren <jsa at svep.se> wrote:

> Did I catch you all at a bad time with the code reviews and all?
> I’m still hoping for some responses or ideas, or from someone with knowledge.
> Are there anyone out there? J
> /Johan
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> Ämne: [asterisk-dev] Make asterisk V10 require SIP authentication for unregistered Message / Invite (calls) ?
> Hi everyone,
> Is it possible to make asterisk REQUIRE authentication for unregistered incoming SIP MESSAGE och SIP INVITE (all related to incoming calls)?
> With registered sip clients, asterisk successfully asks for authorization for each message.
> I also need to support unregistered clients (it would be a global user + password in this case).
> Any ideas of which global settings does this?
> I haven’t found anything yet.
> Or suggestions of where I possibly could edit the source code to enable this feature.
> I have a bit of knowledge of the sourcecode, and have compiled it before.
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