[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] 2659: Let the testsuite run outside of the Asterisk source

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Repository: testsuite


For a host of historical reasons, the Asterisk Test Suite used to have to run as a subdirectory inside of the Asterisk source.

This actually hasn't been needed for quite some time. I had thought that the buildoptions library still needed this but - as it turns out - buildoptions will check the installed Asterisk headers for the build options it needs to execute.

This patch removes the checks and updates the README. It also makes the buildoptions library raise an Exception if it couldn't find the header - this really is needed, as certain build options (such as TEST_FRAMEWORK) are needed for a large number of tests to execute.


  /asterisk/trunk/README.txt 3880 
  /asterisk/trunk/lib/python/asterisk/buildoptions.py 3880 
  /asterisk/trunk/runtests.py 3880 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/2659/diff/



Matt Jordan

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