[asterisk-dev] Bounty Posts

Alistair Cunningham acunningham at integrics.com
Tue Jan 22 00:11:13 CST 2013

On 22/01/13 11:35, Damien Wedhorn wrote:
> I don't think the bounty is meant to cover the cost of development, but
> to be an incentive to prioritize it. I see nothing wrong with being
> provided a cash (or beer) incentive to do a bit of work that may have
> been done freely anyway.

I think it can be either, or both, depending on the individual developer.

Clearly for developers earning developed country salaries, a bounty of 
USD 500 to 1000 (which is what I typically offer) is not enough to cover 
the time spent for development of any significant size. For them, the 
bounty is a signal that someone really cares about this bug and that 
they're making the world a better place by fixing it. Any cash they earn 
is a bonus.

The same amount can be the equivalent of many weeks salary for 
developers in poorer countries. For them, earning bounties helps pay 
their bills.

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