[asterisk-dev] Bounty Posts

Damien Wedhorn voip at facts.com.au
Tue Jan 22 00:05:14 CST 2013

On 22/01/13 05:31, Tilghman Lesher wrote:
> Bounties honestly make no sense whatsoever on any list.  By 
> definition, a bounty is an amount of money less than the cost of 
> developing a feature, such that only with a number of people posting 
> additional monetary support for such a feature will it reach someone's 
> threshold for spending the time to develop that feature.  On the other 
> side of that, I've developed features for others for free, for no 
> other reason than the problem interested me. So in either case, the 
> posting of the bounty makes no immediate difference to anyone as to 
> whether a feature is developed or not.  What makes more sense is a 
> clearinghouse of some sort, where people wanting features post them, 
> along with how much they're willing to pay to see said feature 
> developed, and as soon as a number of people post enough to fund that 
> request, it gets taken up by somebody.  Or contrarily, the feature is 
> added by somebody who is interested in the problem but isn't motivated 
> by the money.
> A list generally has an immediacy to it that simply doesn't meld with 
> the patience required (time for others to add to the bounty) for the 
> first type of developer and is utterly irrelevant to the second.
> -Tilghman

Just my two cents worth, but I don't think you can take a commercial 
economic approach to this question.

I don't think the bounty is meant to cover the cost of development, but 
to be an incentive to prioritize it. I see nothing wrong with being 
provided a cash (or beer) incentive to do a bit of work that may have 
been done freely anyway.

If the request is to get people to contribute to the bounty, sure -biz, 
but if someone wants to incentivise a coder, this is probably the better 


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