[asterisk-dev] SIP: So you mean you want to be able to *dial* something?

Matthew Jordan mjordan at digium.com
Fri Feb 22 14:51:50 CST 2013

On 02/22/2013 09:19 AM, Joshua Colp wrote:
> Hey all,


> 1. Do we want my current usage options to go into the new SIP work?


> 2. If not, how do we want to expose multiple contacts on an AOR?

My thoughts (which could certainly be wrong):
1. If there is a single AOR, I don't have to specify anything extra in
my Dial statement. Just use that.
2. If there are multiple AORs, then by default, pick one for me based on
my endpoint configuration.
3. If there are multiple AORs, let me from the dialplan specify which
AOR to use (essentially, your dialplan function). This may also require
letting the user query for AORs associated with the endpoint, which
means you'd probably need a read version of your function.

This could probably be named "GULP_ENDPOINT_AOR" - if it sets the AOR to
use for the endpoint prior to dialing, it may as well contain the
letters 'AOR' in the function name.

> 3. If we don't want to, then do we even want to support multiple
> contacts (for different targets) on an AOR?

I have a feeling there are people who will like this :-)

> 4. What would *you* like usage of this to be like?

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