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Thu Feb 7 12:56:54 CST 2013

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Using sorcery in the new SIP infrastructure has uncovered a few areas where some additional sorcery features would be nice. I've implemented them, and then some!

First up is that there are two new API calls which allow a specific object type to be loaded or reloaded. This is useful for modules that extend an existing sorcery with their own object types and want to load only those upon being loaded themselves.

Second is two callbacks to allow native object copying and diffing. This is useful for performances reasons when you don't want to incur the translation from native type to key value pair. These callbacks are optional and if they aren't used the existing generic key value pair mechanism is used.

I've also added unit tests for the native copy and diff callbacks.


  /trunk/include/asterisk/sorcery.h 381035 
  /trunk/main/sorcery.c 381035 
  /trunk/tests/test_sorcery.c 381035 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/2320/diff


Ran unit tests to confirm functionality.



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