[asterisk-dev] Wrong SIP to SIP SIP Cause mapping

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> Hi!
> Oh, Mamma mia, Alex is right!!!!
>   I've just tested a void public number through PRI and I've got CC=1
>   -
> Unallocated number.
>   Then I dialled the same number through SIP trunk and I've got
>   CC=34,
> but on the SIP the response code was really 404 Not Found, which is
> equivalent to 1 - Unallocated number.
>   Something is really broken here! Of course I'm paying attention to
> $HANGUPCAUSE and I'm handling it in my own intercept scripts, and
> they
> are proved OK, so the problem must be in wrong $HANGUPCAUSE contents.
>   It's 1.8 branch.
>   I hope I will find the cause soon and I'll post it here.
>     With regards, Pavel.

As has already been pointed out, Asterisk is a B2BUA, not a proxy.  There
is no guarantee that a response from one UA will be 'passed through'
Asterisk to another UA.  I won't weigh in on whether or not this qualifies
as a bug or merely a change in behavior.  The fact that Asterisk is not a
proxy gives weight to this being not a bug; that being said, there is a
definite difference between a 4xx and a 5xx response, which would give some
weight to this being a bug.

The change in behavior was mostly likely introduced by r351130.  This fixed
some issues wherein, on a response to a 404, merely queueing a congestion
control frame was not sufficient to tear down the channel.  The congestion
control frame was replaced with an explicit channel hang up with a cause of
AST_CAUSE_CONGESTION, which maps to a SIP response type of "503".

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