[asterisk-dev] Digium's new Community Support Manager - Rusty Newton

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Fri May 25 09:41:34 CDT 2012

We'd like you all to help us welcome Rusty Newton to Digium's Asterisk
development and community support team! Rusty has been with Digium for
over five years, starting in the Technical Support department and then
moving to a sales position where he assisted customers with Asterisk and
Switchvox solutions to their business needs. Prior to joining Digium he
spent more than five years in the telecom industry, installing,
configuring and maintaining PBXs. A couple of weeks ago he moved into a
new role (for him and for Digium), Community Support Manager.

In this role he'll be the primary person responsible for ensuring that
Digium's community services are providing what the community members
need, that the systems are operating properly, and that issues and
questions are getting the attention they deserve. He'll be working
closely with our Community Director as well, especially for events like
AstriCon and others. He works directly with the software development
team at Digium, which will allow him to focus almost exclusively on
technical issues and discussions.

We're quite excited that he has taken on this role and we expect that
you will soon see the benefits of his activities across the community!

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