[asterisk-dev] Pinequeue - to hold or not to hold

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Wed May 9 11:32:41 CDT 2012

> Internally just under two weeks ago we were actually saying we wanted
> to push this along. We don't intend to reject it. If you keep working
> on this patch, we'll keep giving feedback.
> We generally do most of our code review on Thursdays lately, so you
> might want to keep that in mind when updating your patch (it'll
> likely be sitting a while if you submit the diff on a Friday). 

Thank you for getting back to me. Since I put this on hold a bit when Leif said what he said, I will have to reschedule work on this together with the customer. We intend to bring it forward.



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