[asterisk-dev] Pinequeue - to hold or not to hold

Jonathan Rose jrose at digium.com
Wed May 9 11:29:01 CDT 2012

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> Subject: [asterisk-dev] Pinequeue - to hold or not to hold
> https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1887/
> Leif strongly wants to put this on hold, I think it is a great
> addition as it is and don't think his claim is valid.
> I need some consensus on what to do. If the dev team wants to put
> this on hold, fine, then I won't spend any time on fixing the code
> according to the rest of the review feedback. If the dev team wants
> this feature, I will continue to work on it towards a merge into the
> source code.
> I need a decision so I can either continue or close the review, I
> don't want to have another review that stays out there without
> feedback for ages, as I actually have pretty good feedback to work
> on.
> Cheers,
> /O
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Internally just under two weeks ago we were actually saying we wanted
to push this along. We don't intend to reject it. If you keep working
on this patch, we'll keep giving feedback.

We generally do most of our code review on Thursdays lately, so you
might want to keep that in mind when updating your patch (it'll
likely be sitting a while if you submit the diff on a Friday). 

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