[asterisk-dev] Something wrong with Set command compatibility mode (1.6 and 1.8)

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Thu Sep 1 03:49:09 CDT 2011

  I've found something, which could be a bug, but I would like to verify it
there before possibly opening a case for it.
  In the Set() application help text, there is stated, that:
"Compatibility note: If (and only if), in /opt/asterisk/etc/asterisk.conf, you
have a [compat] category, and you have app_set = 1.6 under that, then the
behavior of this app changes, and does not strip surrounding quotes from the
right hand side as it did previously in 1.4.".
 The text is (except colorization) the same in 1.6 (tested on and
1.8. But the behaviour is different:
 - In 1.6, Set() STRIPS the quotes by default (it's OK, according to the
quoted help text.
 - In 1.8 (current SVN branch), Set() DOES NOT STRIP the quotes by default.
I've found it by trying to port my 1.6 dialplan to 1.8, and it didn't
work for a lot of extra quotes in GotoIf() and similar apps. So, it behaves
in the contrary to the help file.
 - To let Set() to strip the quotes again, it was necessary to create 
"app_set = 1.4" entry in the [compat] category in asterisk.conf, which is not
mentioned in the help text at all.
  IMHO something is wrong in 1.8 - either the Set() help text or the app
itself. Should I open a case for it ?

With regards,
  Pavel Troller

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