[asterisk-dev] $ offer for 2 modifications in chan_dongle

S Adrian dexter at d3xt3r01.tk
Sun Nov 20 04:26:55 CST 2011


Chan_dongle is available at
http://code.google.com/p/asterisk-chan-dongle/ .. As the description
there says, it's a driver for some huawei 3g dongles.
It works great for voice/sms but I need it to have 2 modifications made.

1) in manager_event_sent_notify, should also send the result of the
+CMGS: id replied before the OK for the SMSTEXT ( I can provide some
logs if needed/wanted ).
2) when receiving a delivery report I want to receive a notification
through the manager.

I don't think the 1st one is that much work, but I do know the 2nd
would need a lil' bit of coding. So, I'm waiting for your offers. The
money will be paid upon testing to see if it is working. ( In the
future, if it doesn't get accepted in chan_dongle's tree I might
need/want to get it forward-ported ). The code should be written in
the same standard of writing as the original code ( I hope to get this
in chan_dongle's tree )

Waiting for your questions/offers.
Thanks in advance.

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