[asterisk-dev] how to link FreePBX IVR step to something inside extensions-custom.conf?

Jamuel Starkey jamuel at hcvoip.com
Sat Nov 19 13:38:17 CST 2011

Wrong list--this is for asterisk code development.  Try a FreePBX users list or even the asterisk users list.

On Nov 19, 2011, at 2:05 PM, Edward de Jong wrote:

> I have a main IVR,one stage of which when the user presses 9 I want to jump to code written in Ye Olde Asterisk dial plan language, via a custom context I am creating inside the "exceptions" dial plan file called extensions-custom.conf, which is a magical file not overwritten by FreePBX each time you update the configuration via the Web GUI. 
> My question is fundamental, and simple, and that is how do you link to the the custom context, which in my case is a zip code -asking routine, with a context name of [zipcode]?  How do i do a forward link into the custom context, and if the user presses some keys to escape my routine I want to return to where I came from… how do i do  "return" basically inside, how do you jump back to an IVR stage generated by FreePBX.. I don't want to have to edit each time is use FreePBX any files FreePBX overwrites, because we make changes all the time in the dial plan.
> Any help is appreciated.
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