[asterisk-dev] Optional api and weak symbol problem

Yaroslav Panych panych.y at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 15:56:20 CST 2011

2011/11/8 Terry Wilson <twilson at digium.com>:
> Having #ifdefs around Cygwin-specific code is unlikely to cause issues with other code.
Yes, I'm fully agreed with You, but unfortunately C source is no only
one place where #ifdef-s must be inserted. I personally know how to
insert #ifdef-s into C-source files, but nor into
configure/configure.ac, Makefile and other files. Since, currently
part of community interested in Windows build consists of only one
member - me, I'm in dead end.
There is another circumstance which forced me to begin this conversation:
I have created a number of issues in Jira related to cygwin
compatibility. Since I'm only one interested person, issues were
almost inactive. I have almost forgot them too, because I have fixed
them locally(created a few patches), and reflected that in that
issues. But, some time ago(October 18th) I have received notification
about activity in those issues. This unexpected activity was caused by
user named Paul Belanger (AFAIK Digium co-worker) who briefly demanded
those patches. I have attached my patches. Since Paul Belanger is Your
co-worker I have made conclusion(probably wrong again?) Asterisk
Development Team is interested in those patches particularly and or a
least in Cygwin platform generally. As of 2011.11.08 23:45 EET I have
not got any feedback neither from Paul Belanger personally, nor via
Jira, nor IRC, not [asterisk-dev], nor any other way. So I decided to
attract some attention here.

regards, Yaroslav

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