[asterisk-dev] asterisk busy tone

Yaprak Ayazoglu yaprak.ayazoglu at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 09:44:23 CDT 2011

Hi everybody,

I've been working on a project which records the voice of the incoming call.

I use record_file function of asterisk as described below:

RECORD FILE <filename> <format> <escape digits> <timeout> [offset samples]
[BEEP] [s=<silence>]

filename: record1
format: wav
escape digits: #
timeout: -1
offset samples: 0
silence: 3000

*Please read the scenario for an incoming call:*
- The user calls the asterisk
- The user talks on the telephone
- Ends the conversation without pressing the escape digit ("#")

In this scenario, unfortunately, "record file" do not end automatically but
since the "silence" field is
3 seconds, the record file function waits for 3 seconds to end.

After record file function is ended, I listened the recorded file and I
heard a "busy tone" sound in this file as
"beeep beeeep beeep" continously.

*My question:*
Why do I need to hit the escape character ('#') to end the "record file"
function? Is there any way, that
asterisk shall detect that the caller has closed the telephone?


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